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From our exciting and humble origin as a grassroots collection of concerned citizens fighting a dam project, New River Conservancy has been evolving into a three state watershed wide organization that holistically looks to ensure the health and vitality of the New River. To us the river is the sum of its parts, which includes all the streams and brooks that feed it, the land that surrounds it and the people and communities that live along and depend on it.

For many years New River Conservancy's program structure was to advocate for the river, to protect critical lands in the watershed and to restore degraded and eroded riparian buffers. It has become apparent that the scope and size of the New River's watershed and the magnitude of the challenges facing it require a broader more holistic approach.

We now realize that extensive data collection and scientific analysis is necessary to formulate policy and drive direct action. The policies that we advocate for and that are adopted by local, state and federal agencies will have broad and far reaching impacts on the health of the river. This combined with an empowered community of advocates will ensure that the New River is a healthy and vital treasure.

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